HORIZON is an innovation advisory boutique, focused on the challenges of tomorrow across multiple sectors

Challenge your assumptions

“An unsolved problem is a problem in need of new perspectives”

We share a vision of a brilliant and sustainable future. We provide innovative solutions and uncover unforeseen potential through a revolutionary multidisciplinary approach. We are committed to exponential technologies and extreme innovation. We aim far beyond.

Our Vision

We live in an extraordinary period for mankind. Our specie and our planet face immense challenges. Yet, our ability to innovate is accelerating.

At Horizon, we believe in our ability to solve those challenges through targeted innovation to create a better environment for the generations to come. Technology will enable us to overcome the challenges of today, and propel us into a new era of sustainable development and abundance.

Our mission

”To bridge the gap between innovative entrepreneurs, breakthrough thinkers and global leaders by providing tailored technological solutions to solve local sustainability challenges and create new economic opportunities by growing tech clusters”.

Horizon is dedicated to speeding up the innovation cycle to solve problems from new ideas to effective implementation articulated around a solid business case and strategic vision.


Space – The New Frontier

The Aerospace industry is undergoing a profound shift. New Space companies are opening new Horizons that will unlock key solutions to our planet’s future and help develop a radically new space industry that will become increasingly affordable.

Get in the race

As Space is rapidly opening to private investments, innovation is developing exponentially, and brings with it a universe of new possibilities. We identify the opportunities that best suit specific needs and the most adequate partners to meet the objectives.


Bridging the near future

Never in the history of bio-medical sciences did we have more tools, deeper understanding, available computational power towards the creation of a true healthcare revolution that combines data sciences, molecular intervention tools, AI and device breakthroughs for the purpose of prevention, early detection, and front line therapies of previously believed incurable diseases.

With the distant future

We integrate multi-disciplinary approaches into cohesive implementation plans. Combining deep bio-data analysis, digital medicine, Space labs, genetic editing and nano device breakthroughs; We address preventional medicine, personalized genetics, conditioned gene expression, semiconductor-based analysis tools and robotic drug delivery systems.


Industrial Re-Invention

We adapt a revolutionary tamperproof protocol to offer our clients an unprecedented degree of collaborative trust and transparency while protecting anonymity.

The immutability of records brings a new path for creative thinking across sectors and borders, changing the way we live, work and relate to one another. This is an opportunity as large as has ever been presented in History.

More with less

The global industrial ecosystem must be re-invented to meet global demand in a scalable and more sustainable way.

Our Cloud-integrated platform uses distributed ledger, smart contracts, AI and IoT integration to unlock productivity, reduce operating costs & risks, eliminate theft & fraud, and improve supply-chain quality.



Agriculture challenges

Food security and food quality/safety are becoming an increasing concern for all. Constraints on key resources such as arable land, freshwater, but also health and environmental impact of fertilizers and chemicals demonstrate that current models are outdated and unable to support global population growth.

It is time for agriculture to turn high tech.

Securing a sustainable future

Next generation technologies can deliver sustainable integrated solutions to dramatically increase quality and yield while almost eliminating the current resource constraints.

Agritech & Foodtech, reduce water consumption and land use by over 80%, and offer organic quality food by virtually removing all pesticides, eliminating runoffs and increasing animal welfare.


Our most precious resource

Fresh water is our most precious resource and a challenge for future generations. Existing reserves are depleting at an alarming rate, inefficient management has led to massive waste.

Initiate a virtuous cycle

Water is massively available. Innovative technologies can resolve current and future challenges by providing cost efficient and sustainable solutions across the water cycle.

Properly integrated in a consistent approach to water management from water generation to wastewater management, critical situations can generate water surplus while reducing current costs.


We have a dream

We share a vision of a brilliant and sustainable future. We provide innovative solutions and uncover unforeseen potential through a revolutionary multidisciplinary approach, with a fresh perspective.

Ignite the spark

Nature provides for unlimited amount of free and environment-friendly energy. Every single day and from inception. Harvesting this energy is easier than most think, but it needs a profound change of mind. Challenge your assumptions. Open a new realm of possibilities.