We are an innovation advisory boutique, focused on the challenges of tomorrow across multiple sectors.


Targeted innovation is redefining most sectors, shaking companies & economic status quo. It is becoming central to building any competitive advantage today.


Yet, decision makers are facing challenges to identify how new technologies can:

  • Reshape their sectors
  • Improve their strategies
  • Generate sustainable value
  • And how to implement the right plan with the right technological partners



We support leaders to close their innovation gap, establish solid strategies and achieve strong business cases. Since our inception, we’ve been supporting leaders and engaging in key initiatives in several countries in the Middle East & Africa, Europe and North America.


  • We help our clients close the innovation gap and develop solid business & market strategies
  • We take accountability – and roll up our sleeves
  • We bring the best expertise to address each of our client’s objectives
  • We leverage a rich & global network of innovation leaders

Our independence means we provide impartial advice.


Thank you for your interest in Horizon’s vision. Please provide the following information about your strategic business needs to help us serve you better.

Horizon Innovation is the Strategy innovation brand of: